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The 4 Best RPA Tools for Insurance Automation

There are many tools available for insurance automation. Although these tools can all focus on insurance industry tasks such as underwriting, claims management and customer service, they accomplish insurance process automation in different ways. Below is an explanation of the best Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365
  2. Automation Anywhere
  3. UiPath
  4. Blue Prism

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Insurance Accelerator

Within Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s CRM platform, there is an insurance accelerator that works with Microsoft’s Common Data Model and Power Platform. The insurance component includes data entities and focuses which range from property, casualty, and life insurance. This is done for both the producer and agency management, making it one of the best insurance robotic process automation tools.

The insurance component if the software includes:

  • New insurance entities in Common Data Model, including ideas for insurance that cover the insurance customer, producer, and agency.
  • Prebuilt solutions, applications, and dashboards for producers and agents to experience and for optimizing agency operations. 
  • Seamless integration with the Dynamics 365 Sales application to deliver different policy holder experiences. This includes business processes like quoting, issuing and renewing policies, servicing claims, and recommending insurance products. 
  • Use alongside the banking component in the financial services accelerator for scenarios where banking data might be useful.

Learn more in our blog: Best Ways to Optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Insurance Agents

Improved Risk Modeling

With the power from Microsoft, the user is in control to run, manage, and improve on models faster. The result is the delivery of risk models faster, more efficiently, and cost effectively.

  • Leverage the Azure cloud for optimal compute capacity
    • Scale compute power based on your needs and deliver outputs quicker. You can also gain insights to better allocate capital and reserves across all lines of your insurance business.
  • Run data and risk models with more control
    • Enable repeatability and line of sight to trace controls. Explore risk solutions and assessment software.
  • Utilize AI tools to model and analyze risk
    • Combine sources of data (including external) to deliver improved risk models.

Digital Transformation with MicrosoftAutomation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface

AARI can be thought of as every employee’s digital assistant, making it one of the best RPA tools for everyone. AARI helps in the scaling of automation across your entire insurance workforce by providing all employees simple access to automation across devices, applications and platforms. There are three main areas in which AARI can help:

  • Front Office
    • AARI automates front-office applications and employees’ day-to-day tasks. This includes claims processing, onboarding, etc. AARI does this by allowing teams to collaborate via intuitive screens and start automations based on requirements after a call, sales agent’s activities, specific software interaction, Interactive Voice Response sequences and more.
  • Back Office
    • AARI automation in the back-office processes are helpful for tedious, repetitive, manual tasks such as underwriting protocols. As a result, there are immediate cost savings and better outcomes for areas such as customer service level agreement’s and cash flow.
  • Scaling RPA
    • AARI helps scale automation by allowing employees to access bots as part of their day-to-day workflows. AARI is the no-code solution to helping employees with automation. It can be used by anyone in the insurance field like Actuaries, Claims Adjusters, Claims Clerks, etc.

What is Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies?


UiPath's Human in the Loop

Human in the Loop is one of the best robotic process automation tools for insurance businesses, allowing them to automate a broader range of processes that require validation, approvals, decision making by humans or variable inputs and may span several days. One of the most common examples of these long-running processes in the insurance industry is claims processing. 

  • UiPath Human in the Loop enables easy collaboration between bots and Claims experts by bringing employees into the “loop” at the right time. This makes it easy for robots and employees to seamlessly collaborate on work.
  • If a bot needs help handling exceptions, validation and approvals or requires an input, they can automatically create a task and assign it to the Claims Adjuster or Clerk.
  • Claims Adjusters and Clerks are only required to interact at critical points.
  • Human in the Loop completes forms by using field association to show existing information and input new data or change existing data.
  • It manages processes in a suspended state, meaning, while one task is waiting for completion, bots will continue to work on other tasks and processes.
  • Users can access their tasks from mobile applications or the web.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism Cloud

Blue Prism Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based automation platform which combines AI, RPA and cloud deployment into a set of management tools and collaboration channels, making it one of the best RPA tools available. It does this by providing a pool of bots that copy human actions in order to cover knowledge-based and office-based work. Knowledge-based work includes key functions of an insurance organization, whether it be claims, customer services, underwriting, back office or fraud. 

Through Blue Prism Cloud, you are able to verify who a customer is, understand from their chat content (or email/SMS) what they’re trying to do, verify it, confirm it, and place an item into the work queue for bots to perform. This is all within predefined service level agreements.

Blue Cloud IADA

Blue Prism Cloud Intelligent Automation Digital Assistant (IADA) acts as an orchestrator with the capability to act as an intelligent supervisor for both bots and employees. It does this by coordinating the allocation of automated insurance tasks and processes based on relevant business metrics.

IADA is configured to be aware of processes (such as claims) and application performance trends, in addition to priority and service level agreements. IADA automatically balances the load for the bots and maintains an internal queue in case bots are not immediately available. If they are not available, processes are queued for execution by the next suitable bots. The benefits of IADA include:

  • Reduced time spent in scheduling activities and assigning work to bots
  • Based on your insurance business priorities, bots work on claims processing, onboarding, adjusting, etc.
  • Increased automation efficiency by elimination of blank spaces in insurance forms

How to Choose the Right RPA Software for Your Insurance Company

There’s no doubt that if you haven’t started your insurance company’s digital transformation, now is the time. Choosing the right software that can meet your needs now and in the future is a major component of a successful transformation. There’s also the consideration of existing platforms. Should you keep what you have and integrate with new systems? The answers to these questions depend on a lot of factors that are unique to your company. 

Integratz can help you create a strategic plan for short-term and long-term RPA as well as training for your team. Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation about which RPA platforms are best for you

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