What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is simply a computer software application that allows you to automate tasks and processes by replicating the steps that a human takes to complete these tasks and processes. Creating software robots called a “bot” that integrates within your existing software application systems to automate tasks within a business such as logging into web applications or filling in forms or extracting data from documents. RPA bots utilize the user interface of the machine they are programmed to run on to manipulate applications the same way an employee does. RPA bots can provide a plethora of benefits to businesses, especially since they can work 24/7 with no sleep, decrease the amount of mistakes employee makes when entering manual data, maintain compliance and security standards, and they cost much less than a full time employee.

But what is RPA promising exactly? Businesses today all face the difficulty of keeping up with competition in the digital frontier. We are all navigating a new age of technology that only accelerates with time. RPA is the process of automating simple and repetitive business processes, such as data entry or invoice processing.  Automation of standardized tasks with RPA inherently increases an organization’s efficiency and agility because it unburdens current employees to focus on more value-driven tasks.  There are a number of RPA providers and platforms, each using a combination of screen-scraping software, workflow automation, and – more recently – intelligent automation to ensure automation solutions can be tailored to your business needs. But what is RPA as-a-service? As-a-service offerings for RPA are newer in the field and offers a lot of benefits to companies wanting to quickly realizing process efficiencies with a low entry cost.


Robotic Process Automation can help save your company valuable time. These bots don’t act as a disruption to work, but work within your existing systems and at a faster rate to complete tasks.


When programmed correctly, RPA bots are able to complete their tasks at a higher accuracy rate. Once a bot has learned its required process, it can run without human intervention.


RPA bots are able to easily scale up or down your business operations as needed to ensure that your company can make adjustments based on seasonality and when needed.


RPA bots you don’t have to worry if they won’t show up to work. These bots don’t take sick days and work all year round no matter the season and can get more done in less time.

What does RPA look like?

RPA Process Timeline


We explore good automation process candidates through a process assessment to maximize efficiency and ROI. Integrātz experts mine selected processes systematically to visualize the process flow and system integrations, giving visibility to what will be automated.


Building bots usually starts with standardizing the current process to simplify for automation; then developing bots to automate activities in the process with added intelligence to handle smart decisions and create consistency. Validation of the bots to both perform and provide the expected results of the established metrics for success.


Implementing bots into production. The bots are software, so organizations follow their established best practices and release processes for releasing bots into production.


Monitoring and managing bots to maintain quality and results is similar to managing the human workforce that used to perform these process prior to automation. Full visibility of the process, quality and performance metrics, and compliance will lead to continuous improvement just like all other process.



PDF Integration
Scraping Data From The Web
Invoice Processing
Connecting System api calls
Client and Employee on Boarding
Automate Excel Activities
Moving Files and Folders
Database Query
With Robotic Process Automation

You don’t need to be an experienced programmer to implement Robotic Process Automation bots within your company! Providers like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, or UiPath have easy to customize platforms that allow even the most non-technical of employees to start building bots within a week. And due to the explosive demand and multiple software vendors, Robotic Process Automation training and certification programs teaching employees and consultants how to manage their own digital workforce in-house brings more rapid value than other forms of automation and BPA.

Integrātz Academy is currently offering a limited 3-Day Intro To Robotic Process Automation Training Course, a 5-Day Advanced Training Course, and a 6-Week RPA Evening Training Course.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

is one of the many tool sets within the intelligent automation suite. With RPA, you can build software “bots” to mimic the actions done by a human employee such as scrape website information, data entry, connect to Chatbots to interact with your processes, and so much more!


What is Intelligent RPA as a Service(iRaaS)?

It’s a fully managed service Integrātz provides to our clients in which we take care of all their RPA needs at the fraction of the cost! We explore, build, deploy and manage the automation of your processes. Making sure your bots are accomplishing what you need them to and you are focused on innovating and growing your business!

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