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Three Ways AI for Customer Service has Improved the Logistics Industry

U.S. businesses lose an estimated total of $75 billion per year due to sub-par customer service.

 This shortcoming is not necessarily due to a lack of effort. The chances are, most of these businesses work hard at customer service, but they are not working smart. A study from Aberdeen and IBM cites how 33% of users believe the personalized experiences offered by AI are more likely to improve their satisfaction.

 The demands of logistics customers are much different from a brick-and-mortar store, insurance company, or bank, etc. Although logistics is unique with its processes and client needs, the universal guidelines of high-level customer service still apply. For instance, AI tools improve a retail company’s customer service by delivering higher-quality data and optimized processes.

Let’s examine how AI in customer service is making a positive, profitable difference in the logistics industry:

1. Predictive Algorithms Ensure Supply Meets Demand


Summarizing Predictive Algorithms and Their Impact on Supply and Demand

  • AI algorithms predict product trends and buying behaviors better than humans (but work best as tools used by human specialists).
  • Accurate predictions keep inventories filled with products customers want in the correct quantities.
  • You can personalize your services and offers based on a client’s purchasing habits with these automated tools.


How is This Tool Beneficial for Your Customers?

A more personalized experience through your AI tools and algorithms means less time your customers spend performing due diligence.

Since your business is offering your clients what they want right away, they do not have to sort through your various service packages. This feature saves customers time, allowing them to focus on more crucial workplace tasks. Additionally, you will have what your customers need, exactly when they need it. They can rely on you to have the supplies that meet their demand.


How is This Tool Beneficial for Your Company?

Failing to give your customers what they want, right when they need it, can cost you an immediate sale and a long-term client. Inconvenience is the #1 destroyer of client to business relationships.

Accurate predictions and personalized services via automated AI significantly improve customer relations, all with less manual work.

These tools can help keep inventories at an as-needed level, never going above necessary quantities. Warehouses won’t be cluttered, allowing for a seamless workflow, and ensuring your team can focus on quality customer service.

2. AI and Machine Learning Empower Customers to Make Informed Decisions


Summarizing AI and Machine Learning and How They Provide Crucial Insights

  • AI/machine learning combined with advanced analytics use scan and sensor data to derive insights almost in real-time.
  • These tools also gather market and commerce data, allowing customers to make informed decisions and immediately handle issues during shipment journeys.


How is This Tool Beneficial for Your Customers?

The real-time data provided to your customers involves them in the process, reducing the chance for costly surprises. If there’s a problem, they’ll know right away, and you can both work toward a prompt resolution.

Trust is a significant part of a client to business relationship, especially in logistics, where many complex, unseen factors are involved in the supply chain.

Your clients put a lot of faith in you to get their products and supplies delivered. Offering additional transparency will provide additional peace of mind.


How is This Tool Beneficial for Your Company?

Better communication and heightened transparency with clients heighten collaboration, leading to highly involved, successful processes. Clients will be better informed through streamlined access to your company’s data, physical network, and expertise. From there, they can outline and communicate more precise, insightful expectations and demands.

3. Route Optimization Technology Enhances Delivery Speed and Accuracy


Summarizing Route Optimization Technology and How it Improves Deliveries?

  • AI-powered route optimization technology takes weather, construction, and other continually changing factors into play, ensuring drivers end up on the most time-saving routes.
  • Finding the best routes prevents missed deliveries.


How is This Tool Beneficial for Your Customers?

Your customers will appreciate that your drivers use technology that ensures their deliveries arrive where they are supposed to and in good time. Provided they a client-facing business, such reliable delivery will improve their own customer service and relationships.


How is This Tool Beneficial for Your Company?

By using route optimization, you are setting up your drivers to thrive with their customer service. Arriving promptly with deliveries will foster goodwill with clients, improving customer and driver interactions without your people needing to over-extend.

Is Your Logistics Customer Service Team Being Drained By Manual Processes? Then it’s Time to Embrace Automation and Digital Transformation. 

Recent studies on supply chains show that businesses waste upwards of 6,500 hours per year on tedious work that could be streamlined through automation.

In 2021 - the age of digital transformation - there’s no need to be one of those time-wasting companies.

At Integratz, our Hyperstack Automation Framework™ will simplify and modernize your logistic company’s solutions, strategies, and approach to customer service.

Our intelligent automation solutions will have your team delivering at lower costs, higher speeds, and more effective adoption. So, schedule a meeting today to learn more about how we can improve your customer service and the many other moving parts of your logistics company.

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