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Simply Amazing


Transforming companies with DevOps, IT Automation and Agile.

Integratz was born from the necessity to provide simplified solutions in such a complex world. Our goal is to work with our clients and design simple solutions that are actionable, agile and provide rapid measured value.

Traditional release models are proving to burden both IT and business enterprises with overarching costs, missed deadlines, underdeveloped high-risk solutions and sometimes even a complete delay in sensitive timelines. Many companies are choosing a more efficient and effective approach with a DevOps transformation model. Reaching a transformative DevOps provides a continuous and agile delivery of solutions from development and into production.  Continuous delivery, quicker, more precise and with an incredible risk-averse approach. However, reaching a DevOps model can be a struggle for companies of all sizes due to the intricate nature of technologies, processes and people involved. 

With Integratz at your side, the road to an agile delivery will be practical and suitable. By working on defining the most innovative and fitting approach, Integratz focuses on the complexities of technologies, identifying automation points where possible and defining more clear and straightforward solutions. 




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Areas of Service


Strategy and leadership are becoming more and more difficult with the litany of priorities, technologies and vendors. Integratz utilizes a simple framework along with experience as the building blocks to help organizations set and focus on a strategy to achieve success. We will work with your organization in a capacity that shows immediate results and allows for clear and simple solutions.

Integratz academy

In an economy where technologies are advancing at an exponential rate, skilled talent has become a rare commodity. Integratz Academy empowers its employees and partners by tailoring boot camps around critical technologies, and its evolution in the automation and analytics ecosystem. Leverage our unique workforce and prepare yours for the future through our innovative and collaborative learning programs.


RPA - Robotic Process Automation removes the human touch from processes and systems which lowers a companies total cost to perform business functions. The struggle that many companies face is how quickly things get overly complex with repeatable human processes. With proven frameworks, standards and a simple out-of-the-box approach, we help companies gain the efficiencies and benefits RPA promises.

Devops stack

The DevOps stack can be daunting when trying to figure out what makes up the stack like code management, artifact management, configuration management, build and continuous integration, work tracking and collaboration, test management, log management, monitoring. Then deciding which technology to use for each and how to integrate these all together to start gaining the benefits of DevOps. Integratz is helping companies to benefit rapidly from a proven framework as the foundation to build on and gain results now.



The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives simpler, but for companies, behind the curtain are fluctuating challenges in delivering rapid value and meeting the time-to-market constraints—challenges that our team stays two steps ahead of and are helping clients to be agile and obtain agility.


Sounds easy to achieve, yet many companies struggle with IT problems and solutions due to being overly complex. This has a large impact on not just implementing technologies and solutions, but also gaining acceptance and buy-in to using the technologies. Keeping it simple is an art in this overly complex world of technology. Integratz helps companies to simplify their approach, solutions and strategies allowing them to deliver quicker, with lower cost and better adoption.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci


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