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Integratz 1 minute read

RPA Bot Creation: Automate your work management with Jira and Automation Anywhere

Take a look at our newest software RPA solution “bot” uploaded on the Automation Anywhere Bot Store! The Automation Anywhere Bot Store is the very first digital marketplace that offers hundreds of pre-built bots. These bots are designed to integrate robotic process automation (RPA) with applications and business processes. Each bot has been reviewed and carefully vetted by Automation Anywhere, so those who wish to utilize these bots are guaranteed a quality solution that performs the task as advertised.

The Bot Store provides easy to download configurable solutions for the most common business processes. In our case, we programmed a digital worker (bot) to write comments on open issues in Atlassian’s work management system, Jira. Our RPA digital worker (bot), “Add Comment to Jira Ticket” was created for anyone who a) uses Jira Cloud and b) wants to automate the process of adding comments to any specified Jira ticket or issue. This feature is both simple to use and easy to integrate into any RPA solution. Examples of using this digital worker (bot) would be to add this to a chatbot like Slack and Microsoft Teams.  Also, connect it to an application in order to comment on Jira tickets that you or your team are working on. This would quickly enhance and streamline communication and transparency on the work that the team is performing.

The digital worker (bot) is also designed to keep users or watchers up to date on specific issues in Jira. With this digital worker (bot), anyone can stay in the loop on tickets in a quicker and more efficient manner than manually entering each comment. Do you want to save time when you update a Jira ticket through comments? If so, this digital worker (bot) is right up your alley.

Check out our bot and all the other exciting innovations on the Automation Anywhere Bot Store below.

Published by Integratz