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Integratz 1 minute read

RPA Bot Creation: Automate Jira Issues with Attachments

Check out this Integrātz bot uploaded on the Automation Anywhere Bot Store! The Automation Anywhere Bot Store is the first online marketplace of its kind in the RPA industry, offering prebuilt ‘plug-n-play’ software bots, which are implemented to more quickly accelerate business process automation. These pre-verified, ‘off-the-shelf’ bots are contributed by the Automation Anywhere community and made available to download in the Bot Store.  This effectively streamlines the bot creation process.  It also enables organizations to deploy and mobilize bots in a fraction of the time that it would take to build from scratch.

Our bot “Create New Jira Issue with Attachment” was designed to help anyone looking to integrate RPA and their JIRA Cloud instance by allowing them to automate the creation of new JIRA issues/tickets, with the added option of allowing attachments.  This is a feature we have found extremely helpful when solutioning and automating RPA invoice processing for one of our clients.

Check out our bot and all the other exciting innovations on the Automation Anywhere Bot Store below.

With this bot, we can help the automation of invoice processing using Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot and JIRA tickets. Using this bot, we can automatically populate the JIRA tickets with information specific to each invoice, such as contact information, line item information, invoice total and much more. The additional option to add an attachment is especially helpful for easy, centralized access to invoices.

How does this solution automatically extract the information from your invoices to put into JIRA? With a little bit of training, the IQ Bot can actually identify and extract customized form fields from your invoice using cognitive automation. We can then use our “Create New JIRA Issue with Attachment” bot to put these details into a newly created JIRA issue that can then be used by a finance department to easily check and sort through.

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