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Power Hour: RPA Bot Building Series

Are you interested in learning more about Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? Would you like to learn how to build and run bots from the leading RPA software, Automation Anywhere? Integrātz is excited to announce a new bot-building series. We give interested individuals the opportunity to learn for free when you attend our Power Hour: RPA Bot Building meetup webinar events. Please join us every Wednesday through April 24th, 12PM by registering for our webinar sessions, where we will spend an hour understanding how to build various bots.


RPA is a powerful tool that provides technological solutions to issues that are both mundane and prone to human error. With its transformative approach to efficiency and quality in the tech industry, it’s no wonder that intelligent automation is changing the way we do work. Additionally, the Intelligent Automation industry is a rapidly growing one. With the rise of automation, it is expected that many workers in America will need to switch occupational categories by 2030. Because of this, it is vital for workers to stay ahead of the curve by learning RPA. With our Power Hour opportunities, you can gain a competitive edge by learning the basics of implementing commands that automate repetitive but necessary processes. Even better, our Power Hour events are taught by a certified Automation Anywhere trainer.


If you’re interested in learning more about intelligent automation, meeting others who are, or just want to learn how to build bots, be sure to reserve your spot now. The Power Hours will be live online events – RSVP on Meetup and with the webinar link. Please download and install the FREE Automation Anywhere Community Edition.

Different RPA Power Hour Sessions

Metabot Overview & Example

Metabots are automation building blocks that help you scale. They are low maintenance and easy to use and help increase RPA adoption, reduce downtime, and ensure control over complex, enterprise-wide automation.


For this Power Hour session, we will be learning about the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Metabot. A MetaBot is an independent, reusable logic block. They can be used for complex, scalable processes within an organization. You can use MetaBots for common user interface operations, such as logging on to a system, that several bots perform, or for common functions, such as manipulating data, implemented in DLL libraries.


Learn more about this event.

Wed, Mar 27th, 12PM

Excel Automation

From corporate businesses to small companies, there’s a continuous need to access, analyze, manipulate and report real time data with relatively quickly and with ease. With the proper automation software, you can build a software “bot” that can collect reliable and error-free data – available for analysis in real time.


In this session, we’ll go over the basics of Excel automation and how to use the Automation Anywhere Enterprise (AAE) to perform a host of Excel commands.


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Wed, Apr 3rd, 12PM

Web Recorder

At the end of this session, you’ll build a simple robotic process automation bot using the web recorder command to share with your friends and family. No prior automation knowledge or coding is required. This session is perfect for beginners.


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Wed, Apr 10th, 12PM

If/Else Commands

One of the most powerful features of Automation Anywhere application is the IF/ELSE command. You can use the sub-commands to perform actions when certain conditions exist in a process that is being automated.


Enter our next Power Hour session going over the If/Else command logic! In this session we will be building a simple bot that utilizes the If/Else commands and chooses which route to take when presented certain data. There are a number of sub-commands that can be used such as if a certain folder exists here route files to it or if a file is a certain size move it here – the options are limitless!


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Wed, Apr 17th, 12PM

Email Automation

Almost 300 billion emails were sent every day around the world in 2018. If you ever feel like you are responsible for handling almost that many by yourself, then join us for our next Power Hour: RPA Bot Building session over email automation! Using the right technology, business process automation can be incredibly flexible. If you have a repeated process that involves inbound or outbound email, there’s a good chance it can be automated.


In this session, learners are given the skills needed to design, code, and create a simple RPA bot that uses email automation. We will do a walk-through of how to automate sending a single email and learn how to deal with errors that occur.


Learn more about this event.

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