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Integrātz Announces Its Accreditation as Automation Anywhere RPA Training Partner

Dallas, TX – Integrātz, a leader in delivering Intelligent Automation services, is pleased to announce its accreditation as an Official Certified Training Partner of Automation Anywhere. This designation allows customers of Integrātz access to Automation Anywhere’s RPA technology and training services both online and in classrooms across the globe from some of the most knowledgeable and up-to-date trainers in the industry. The partnership certifies Integrātz to deliver training programs that encompass an Automation Anywhere RPA technology overview, theoretical concepts, typical business cases, hands-on practice exercises, and globally-recognized Automation Anywhere certifications to empower professionals with the latest knowledge and technology and help students to get to the head of the hiring pack.

The now-available courses offered by Integrātz & Automation Anywhere include: Mastering Bots: Design and Build an Advanced Digital Workforce and Bot Trainer Bootcamp: Learn How to Create and Deliver RPA Training. The offerings blend e-learning and instructor-led training to provide hands-on instruction with real-life exercises. Upon completion, learners will receive their respective Automation Anywhere Certified Professional certification.

In addition, the Integrātz Academy is also announcing its 3-Day RPA Training, 5-Day Advanced RPA Training, and 6-Week RPA Live-Online course offerings, all designed to instruct learners in RPA essentials and best practices. The courses utilize real-world case studies and exercises to provide learners valuable experience as well as covering adjacent, yet vital technologies that frequently interact with RPA, including SQL databases, XML, and APIs. This differentiation uniquely qualifies Integrātz Academy graduates to implement RPA technology solutions at the organizational level and build the surrounding technical skills faster than otherwise possible.

Learn more about the Integrātz Academy here.

About Integrātz:

Integrātz is not a typical technology company; they think out-of-the-box. Passionate about making life easier, they believe that simplifying processes with intelligent automation changes organizations for the better. For everyone. The Integrātz team comes from different walks of life and shares parallel values that constantly inspire learning, growth, change and success. Each of their members brings a unique perspective that collectively converges at a unified point – the place where real innovation happens. With Integrātz, clients can propel their organization into the future.

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