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Document management software is an essential tool available to logistics companies. As an industry, logistics demands handling a large amount of paperwork. By using document management software, firms can manage space by eliminating paper document storage. Doing so enables them to organize documents more efficiently, reduce redundancies, and store document information in a secure, encrypted space that can be instantly shared with clients. By examining how logistic companies use software, the importance of document management software is magnified.

What Type of Documents Need Management?

Logistics software is generally broken into two categories: Supply chain management and brokerage and bidding software. Supply chain management software is used to manage freight pick-up, tracking, and delivery. Meanwhile, brokerage and bidding software is used to manage the business side of the industry. Software products are used for bid and contract management, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, and other business-related needs.

The most common uses for logistic software are inventory control, transportation management, warehouse management, import/export support, tracking and tracing, risk management, and CRM.

For all these applications, having access to documents and agreements at a moment’s notice is imperative. Document management software can be used for logistics companies to store, secure, share and maintain contracts, invoices, employee records, load tenders, truck logs, taxes, bills of lading, claims paperwork, and receipts. With the current trend of SaaS or software as a service growing in logistics, it’s not enough for document management software to store data. The best document management software must seamlessly work with a company’s workflow and software to maintain industry relevance and value.

The Best Document Management Software


eFileCabinet’s premier product Rubix is available as both cloud and product software. They provide their products for logistics firms, both big and small. Their products intend to aid their clients in driving up profits by creating platforms that reduce paper waste, creating paperless and less papered workflows while streamlining work processes.

Using optical character recognition technology, their software can handle data entry tasks and file data in the appropriate digital folder. Capable of creating digital signatures, eFileCabinet boasts standard security, encryption, its own secure file sharing solution, and an automated workflow.


Optix clients include small and midsize businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and regional, state, and federal government institutions. Capable of running on Windows, Linux, Mac Os, Solaris, and more, Optix allows a team to work paperless as documents can be shared, captured, and secured in any format uploaded.

Available as SaaS or as an on-premises product, Optix allows for multiple revisions of documents that it manages while taking advantage of its standard operating procedure management and workflow automation. Optix is a highly user-friendly product that makes creating and sharing documents within a team easy.

Ascend TMS Logistics

Ascend TMS Logistics Software is only provided exclusively as cloud-based, subscription SaaS products. Their software solutions target a broad client base, from freelancers to large enterprises, reaching beyond Document Management into supply chain management, brokerage, and bidding. Marketed as logistics and shipping management software, Ascend TMS can be used to manage commissions, asset management, accounting, and even generate ETAs for tracking.

Their document management software comes with electronic data interchange capabilities, making it possible for multiple parties, including brokers, shippers, and carriers, to share and distribute tenders, invoices, and other documents. This is regulated by administrators who can restrict or limit access by branch, department, agency, or location. Ascend TMS can also integrate with third-party solutions, meaning it can work alongside products like QuickBooks efficiently.


If a business provides LTL, or less than truckload, freight, or parcel services, Freightview provides cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) products for their document management needs. Freightview can integrate with the WordPress plugin, WooCommerce. This creates the ability for businesses to share shipping data and tracking with clients if they have access to a secure WordPress website.

Using API technology, Freightview can be used to organize and share parcel rates in one place. Shipping data can be structured as graphs, charts, or spreadsheets to download as well.


Docuware is a Mac OS and cloud-based workflow automation and document management software that allows businesses to access scale, mobility, and power through cloud software. Docuware boasts financial diversity, IT, and admin flexibility through its own secure cloud network, allowing assets to be unified on a single platform.

With an automated digital workflow, data entry errors are minimized while increasing efficiencies. Docuware features seamless integration capabilities with critical business applications. Docuware also allows workspaces to become paperless as documents can be stored and retrieved in a secure environment. Uniquely, Docuware annually celebrates its clients with tailored gifts and a plaque as part of its initiative to build community with customers.

Synergize/ Transflo Unite 

Designed for medium and large-scale businesses, Synergize is a document management and back-office automation cloud-based software solution created to store, secure, and manage documents on a unified platform. Through Synergize, users can answer customer queries, improve operational efficiencies, and respond to compliance orders.

Synergize users can use phone apps that allow them to archive large amounts of data through its image capturing capabilities, which also works with third-party scanners. Synergize also integrates with multiple third-party software, including bookkeeping and transport management and accounting software products.

Drivers can leverage the power of Synergize through its mobile app as well, meaning their phones can be used to scan documents and index loads.


FileHold helps large corporations transfer to a paperless system by offering software solutions as a secure cloud product and an on-premise product. FileHold takes advantage of OCR, document scanning, and forms processing to increase team efficiency. FileHold uses alerts and alarms to inform users of document deadlines and keep teams on schedule.

FileHold works with mobile devices, comes with integrated software, and also works with third-party applications. A couple of key tools that FileHold has are its workflow and FileHold Courier features. FileHold Courier allows anyone with an email the power to approve documents. Meanwhile, workflow follows documents from submission to approval, keeping track of the status of said documents using tracking tools.

Document Locator

Document Locator is a unique document management software that works with Windows platforms within Microsoft Outlook. The obvious downside of this is that not all people on a logistics team will have access to a Windows machine. Positively, Microsoft Outlook is featured in almost all generations of Microsoft Windows. This means a paperless workflow can be sustained using computers and devices of varying ages.

Document Locator is offered as both SaaS and as a product. It features built-in tools like paperless scanning and document workflow. It also has audit logging and a Windows NT security model that protects documents and tracks every time someone logs into the system.


Samsara is a fleet operations management software used in transportation and logistics that uses GPS and tracking tools while managing documents, routing, and fleet reports. It works with dashcams to track driver safety and automatically issue reports using mobile assets.

It also provides document management tools, allowing drivers to upload receipts and various documents instantly. Documents can be uploaded as images in real-time and accessed at a moment’s notice by relevant team members using Samsara.


Docufree Document Cloud uses document scanning and capture tools and process automation to scan documents and make them instantly accessible to the appropriate teams or team members. Docufree boasts integration capabilities with other software, making it a seamless part of an organization’s workflow.

Docufree Document Cloud features a dashboard that tracks processed data, how it’s stored, and who uses the data. It is capable of handling documents from numerous sources, including scanners, faxes, and digital.


Which Document Management Software is Ideal for Your Logistic Company?


As this brief list demonstrates, there are no one-size-fits-all document management software solutions. While some software prioritizes the transition to a paperless office, others use technologies to prioritize worker efficiency.


Most document management software currently being used in logistics are subscription/ cloud-based services. However, many offer purchase options at a more attractive cost, and some provide tools for niche sectors of the logistics industry.


Others work best with medium and large-sized enterprises. There is document management software designed specifically for logistics. Some may lack specific automation tools or industry-related components but will still work perfectly for a company’s needs.


Perhaps the ideal document management software for your needs isn’t document management software. Transport management software or fleet management software might provide document management software tools that are more appropriate to your needs. Bottom line, it’s critical that the solution you select integrates seamlessly with third-party software that your team is already using.


To help you navigate through these and many more options, Integratz is here to help. Schedule a free half-hour appointment today. Let’s work together to get your logistics company working more efficiently and profitably.