Integrātz Presents at 1Million Cups Dallas

Integrātz is proud to have presented at 1 Million Cups last month speaking about Intelligent Automation!  We had a great time listening to Play Stupid Politics present and really enjoyed interacting with the community directly.  It’s always great to get together with like-minded people to talk openly about new and exciting technologies that keep us interested and inspire us to continue innovating.

During the event, we had the privilege of talking about our goal to help businesses adapt to the rapidly-accelerating technology environment, one of the key issues organizations face today. Knowing how to keep up with competition in the digital frontier is vital to company success for industries across the board.

The entire 1 Million Cups organization has been amazing throughout this entire process and we’re extremely grateful to have the support of their wonderful team and backing from the vibrant community they work so hard to bring together.  We at Integrātz look forward to showing our support and attending many more 1 Million Cups events to come

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Integrātz Presents at 1MillionCups Dallas Texas
Integrātz presents at 1MillionCups Dallas Texas Intelligent Automation Services
Integrātz presents at 1MillionCups Dallas Texas Robotic Process Automation